Preston Balser: Hello, I’m a local who is a California refugee with freedom and more conservative values, one who is, to say, antithetical to the politics that I fled from. As a retail supervisor, I work on the ground with people and have heard their concerns as much as many who work in the volunteer spaces, seeing and feeling the weight of our economic crisis first hand. I have come to love this area as much, if not more, than that of my state of origin (Wyoming), and desire only the best for our community on all levels spanning from neighborhoods to the nation.

As such, I have a few questions for you regarding your stances and plans in Congress. In truth, the nature of these questions are less of confirming the recognition of certain issues and more of an inquiry into proactive measures and efforts to truly fix the problems. As to why I am searching for solutions, so many of those in power at present do little, if anything, beyond sitting on their hands and letting Pelosi and her minions run the nation into the ground with a flaming tailspin. I understand you are busy, but I would greatly appreciate your indulgence in my curiosity. The questions, if you would be so kind to answer, are as follows, enumerated for ease of reference.

What is your solution for our current economic crisis?

Geni Batchelor: Reopen drilling on federal land to increase oil production to reduce gasoline prices, which I believe is a major source of spiking cost of goods to the consumer. I also think we should reopen construction on the Keystone pipeline and reduce taxes. I would consider returning to other Trump Administration policies in general including reduction of regulations that are unfriendly to small businesses.

Preston Balser: What is your solution for solving our energy dependence?

Geni Batchelor: To supply the free world with their energy.

Preston Balser: What is your solution for reigning in Big Tech to prevent them from censoring anyone for political, social, or economic gains?

Geni Batchelor: Conduct hearings and determine whether they are a utility or not, and if they are private, then remove the protection they enjoy as a utility from being sued and held accountable for infringing on first amendment rights.

Preston Balser: What is your solution for the growing polarization of culture in the nation?

Geni Batchelor: Healing is imperative. Those of us with like minds who recognize the need for reuniting these states of America must come together with the intention to find common ground as Americans first and then go to Washington to disrupt and change the atmosphere of corruption caused by the hunger for power that keeps us fighting for it.

Preston Balser: What is your solution for solving police corruption and competency?

Geni Batchelor: Rework Internal affairs and add rotating members from outside the department to investigate and prosecute the corruption, an in-depth study, and the implementation or expansion of a department attached to the police that deal with their mental health and daily assessment of those with issues to determine their readiness to properly handle the job and improve training on handling people with respectful force.

Preston Balser: What is your solution for getting the US on track to not only balance the budget, but to also start chipping away at the debt?

Geni Batchelor: I would have to engage experts with track records to make recommendations. For starters, we must bite the bullet and forgo some programs that are not essential on a rotating basis to begin the process of getting to a balanced budget and reducing the deficit.

Preston Balser: What is your solution for fixing the school system?

Geni Batchelor: Not just in terms of removing CRT Praxis, or applied CRT, but also the prevention of grooming toward political leanings and ideologies as well as teacher competency and the cutting of administrative bloat. Pay more attention and have the curriculum presented and approved by joint parent teacher boards.

Preston Balser: Do you have a roadmap for these solutions?

Geni Batchelor: My road map is this: We the people of every state and every district must vet candidates, discard old habits of electing and reelecting career politicians who have feathered their own beds with cushy health care and retirement plans that the rest of us have no access to, and only elect those citizens who display common sense and pledge to take that common sense to Washington with a commitment to listen respectfully to all ideas, look for common ground, and collaborate with one another to reach the best possible resolution to every one of the multitude of problems we have, and then return home much more like our founding fathers envisioned serving in Congress. If that happens we have a critical mass of legislators who are about producing results, protecting our liberty, and reducing waste and corruption in government instead of cow towing to the power brokers who are about dictating what will or will not pass. Nancy Pelosi is a dictator.

If I am elected and have the opportunity to vote for speaker I would vet that person’s intentions with regard to procedure and would only vote for someone who is open to procedural changes that would eliminate the ability of speaker to conduct the business of the house in that manner. For a bill to die in the house because one person does not want it to succeed makes a mockery of our entire system of government as it was intended to be of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Finally, I will share with you that I have also drafted my first bill that was inspired by a voter in Marshall County at an election. Integrity presentation after the speaker had mentioned the decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court having been found in favor of those who had unconstitutionally implemented rules and changes to election procedure rules that were put in place by the State Legislature. The bill would make it a punishable federal offense for any entity, organization, individual, elected official, or court to enact or approve any act, rule, or procedure, with regard to elections that did not comply with and was not approved or enacted by the legislature of said state.

Geni Batchelor is not a career politician. She is a concerned American citizen who loves her state and her country, seeking public office for the first time. Geni has been married for 40 years and has spent her career building businesses and volunteering in her community. She knows what it takes to make payroll and operate a business amidst overreaching government regulations and high taxes and she will be a bold common-sense advocate for our small businesses, our communities, our schools and our families.