“I believe that we must approach each and every problem we are faced with using practical common sense and humanity in equal parts. Nothing can be solved in the best interest of “the people” without considering both. These are solveable problems if the right people are in the discussion…..people who are committed to working together, establishing common ground to bring about the best solutions possible.”


I assert that Roe vs Wade should be overturned and the decisions regarding abortion of human lives be rightly returned to the states. According to the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Therefore the decision in Roe vs Wade was improper as I see no where in the Constitution that the federal government of the United States is given the pwoer to determine the legality or the morality of the issue of abortion. I would also note that at the time that Supreme Court decision was rendered they noted in their decision that there was uncertainty at the time about the actual beginning of life…..which has subsequently been established in multiple medical/clinical opinions and textbooks to be the moment when the “….. sperm fertilizes the egg and implants…..” also referred to as conception.


America First before all others? The slogan was presented by its critiques to mean America and Only America at the cost of all others. However, a strong America allows us to take care of ourselves so we are in a position to offer our support and assistance to our allies or others in need, etc. This a nation of Americans who do give of themselves to those who need help so the object should be to set up systems to make America strong rather than tear it apart and set up systems that make it possible for Americans to more easily exhibit their generosity.


Our system is in need of a deep assessment and reform. There are many layers that need to be looked at possibly by a congressional task force that includes police, mental health professionals, judges, and community representatives. While most of our law enforcement officers deserve to be respected and appreciated for their daily efforts to protect us and maintain law and order on our streets, we also need to develop and means of identifying officers who are not capable of doing their jobs without undue force or injury to the people they engage…this may be on a particular day or in general but we have to take officers off the streets if they cannot follow protocol and ensure the safety of those they may be arresting. Being soft on crime, i.e., no incarceration for stealing someone elses property or belongings valued under $1000 simply encourages criminal behavior and endangers the general public to fear their belongings and they in general are not safe and in general has produced disastrous results in cities. It is important that there be consequences for criminal behavior and it is also important that we take a serious look at creating better educational and occupational opportunities for people who feel they have no other options than to steal or deal.


Needs to be addressed by Congress. Pres. Obama issued the Executive Order to temporarily protect those children who were brought to this country but not born here as a means of buying time for congress to draft laws addressing their situation and even named it Deferred Action…..they did not during his tenure. President Trump then issued an Executive Order eliminating Pres. Obama’s order because it was illegal and stated at the time that he was forcing congress to act on the matter……they did not during his tenure. Congress needs to address this once and for all.


Election fraud is a potential problem that we must put security in place to guard against. Voter Photo ID is one means of assuring this security. Legislation to move the responsibility for managing elections federally is a dangerous concept that strips that power from the states where the constitution places it. The constitution does however allow congress to make the occasional rule or law with regard to voting. So if we want to move the election control to the federal government it would require an amendment to the constitution not a congressional bill. Congress can, however, in the form of a bill, provide federal offense consequences should anyone usurp, alter or otherwise undermine the rules and regulations for the conduct of elections designated by that State’s Legislature as set forth in the Constitution.


I believe it serves the National Security as well as the economy of the United States to be Energy Independent… I therefore suggest that we look into reopening the Keystone Pipeline, increase domestic production and pursue cleaner environmentally friends sources of energy and once that has been determined we plan for transitional training for workers……in other words approach it sensibly…The climate change (global warming) issue is just that so we accomplished nothing favorable for the US or for the world toward reaching global goals by cutting off Keystone and approving the Russian Pipeline.


It is my position that the US should continue to reduce its carbon footprint/emissions in every way possible while also insisting that those who contribute the largest portions of emissions make greater strides to do the same. I also believe we should continue to study and develop cleaner energy and transition to those means of energy production as soon as practicable. I do not believe we should have shut down the Keystone pipeline, severely limited our oil production, increased oil royalties and added restrictions to our land leases for drilling thereby crippling the industry before we had replacement energy in place and trained workers to produce it.


This matter requires indepth study. We must determine what if any part of our citizens are still without healthcare. Costs associated with enhancing healthcare coverage for all and how the quality of health care would change or may be jeopardized or enhanced by considering Health Care for all. I do not support or oppose Universal Health Care or other approaches to healthcare for our citizens without careful study of these and other questions.


Also needs to be addressed by Congress! We must review our current Immigration Laws and enforce those we wish to keep in place. Beyond that, we should revamp the Immigration System to address specifically how we want to manage our immigration to be both practical and fulfill our promise made on the Statue of Liberty. I believe if we want to be open to any and all people from anywhere who want to come here for a better life that we can do that in an orderly fashion, identfy a reasonable number of people we can accept and accommodate with jobs that need to be filled to assimilate them into America. This should be a comprehensive program that assures we are not flooding the country with a certain layer of workers that we have no jobs for…..so for example perhaps we set up a formula whereby for every unskilled worker we allow to enter and seek employment we allow two professionals…..building our work force in a way that supports the progression of the country for everyone’s benefit.


We need to return to fiscal responsibility and focus on reducing our debt. I also contend that we must return the right of our American drillers to drill for oil on public lands and reduce the costs of fees and associated regulations that make doing so prohibitive. In doing so, we reverse the cost of gasoline, become energy independent and the price of goods, services and products will go down because the cost of transporting them, which has caused the runaway inflation we are currently suffering, will go down. I don’t have all the answers on how to accomplish that goal however and would look to the economist experts for guidance, but would definitely push to make a plan to put forth a strong effort toward that goal.


The federal program regarding infrastructure funding should be long range. Honestly, I know congress passed a big infrastructure bill but quite frankly I see no evidence that the reconciliation portion has passed and thus no work actually begun on the projects. I believe that through the Dept of Transportation, we should develop a pattern of continuous replacement of infrastructure on a rotating basis and plan for the funding well in advance…..assuring long term jobs relative to keeping our infrastructure pristine and safe and not allowing it to ever become in poor repair or dangerous in the future.



Members of the LGBTQ+ community have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, unless or until their personal happiness requires infringing on the rights of others.


To whatever degree there exists unwarranted brutality toward citizens or suspects by police officers we must address this issue and seek to set up preventative measures that will protect the suspects/people they encounter AND the police. I propose a study and implementation of an expanded internal affairs department OR a new department that focusses on officer readiness for duty. This might include assessment of the officers’ state of mind and counseling to make certain that any day that any officer steps outside of the precinct he or she is centered and capable of handling whoever and whatever comes at them, and be strong in their knowledge of what is and is not appropriate treatment of anyone they encounter.


WE MUST SECURE OUR BORDER! We are a country of immigrants and we should welcome them as we can accommodate, however we would not be for long if we continue to allow anyone and everyone and everything to flow across our borders at will. We must enforce our existing laws with regard to illegal immigrants or change the laws but in order to reflect the wishes of our citizens if they do not already accommodate that. We must have a system of registration that is strictly enforced and the number of immigrants allowed to come into the country must be regulated so that we can be sure that they can be accommodated, provided jobs and a means of taking care of themselves. We must attack the invasion of lethal drugs coming into our country and killing our citizens. We must repel all known terrorists at the border and we must repel all vicious gang members at the border. Those individuals seek nothing but destruction in this country and we must block those efforts in every manner possible.


It is my position that individuals who elect to identify with a gender other than what they were born with, should be free to do so. However I am of the opinion that when it comes to competing in sports, they should either develop their own league or category or compete in the category with others of their same biological composition. That is the only way to not take unfair disadvantage of their physical structure and be able to compete. Until it is medically proven that all traces of male biology no longer exists in their bodies as a result of surgical or medical treatments during their transition, Transgender women should definitely not be allowed to complete directly with biological women.



We must protect the 2nd Amendment! The founding fathers recognized that governments tend sometimes to seek control and power over their citizens and provided citizens of this country the right to keep and bear arms to protect againt such government overreach.


We must protect the 1st Amendment! The right to freely exercise our chosen religion, to speek freely, enjoy the benefits of a free press, and peaceably assemble are among the most important rights we have. They are some of what makes the United States of America a desirable place to live, knowing that diverse peoples can coinhabit a country that celebrates each of their different methods of worship, opinions, free and open information and the ability to peaceably protest or march in support of issues we support and the rights of everyone else to also express their own.