You have a real conservative common sense choice for your 5th District Congresswoman

“If you too are fed up with the negativity and obscene amounts of money wasted by politicians in campaigns and in Congress, listen to this short interview for reasons you would vote for this “Bold Patriot” who wants to represent you in the 5th District and then SHARE.“



Geni Batchelor is not a career politician. She is a concerned American citizen who loves her state and her country, seeking public office for the first time. Geni has been married for 40 years and has spent her career building businesses and volunteering in her community. She knows what it takes to make payroll and operate a business amidst overreaching government regulations and high taxes and she will be a bold common-sense advocate for our small businesses, our communities, our schools and our families.




Geni is an active and passionate woman who will stand firm to protect your liberty and your safety. She is committed to take her:

  1. Common Sense
  2. Ability to Listen to Others, and
  3. Knowledge of what it takes to solve problems together

TO WORK FOR YOU! You can count on her to truly represent your concerns in DC.

​If you too have been concerned about:

  • runaway inflation…
  • the polarizing, divisive conditions in our government…
  • the trend toward government authority over your personal life decisions…
  • school curriculum…
  • the lack of freedom to express your personal opinions safely…
  • danger, destruction and violence on our streets…

and you live in South Davidson, Lewis, Marshall, Maury, East Williamson or West Wilson counties…

​You have a real conservative common sense choice for your 5th District Congresswoman.

Geni holds to traditional values and is:

  • Pro-Life
  • Pro-Constitution
  • Pro-Second Amendment
  • Pro-Fiscal Responsibility
  • Pro-Legal Immigration
  • Pro-Election Integrity
  • Pro-Law & Order